Josephus avenged Jewish nation

Ever notice how the Jews have handled, and still handle, the whole Sin thing a bit better than the rest of us?Joseph ben Matityahu, the Jew who I will here claim pretended treason and became Titus Flavius Josepheus,  did avenge thy nation when he sent Sin and its laws(gospels) into those who if they took it, they would and did become the sinful lawless.

By your strategy, meant for revenge, as you knew defeat was imminent,  now, in a world incompatible, two masters would be in one house, 2 against 3, and 3 against 2, always an imbalance, always an unintentional mixture of unlike opposed forces.


Indeed, “If satan be against satan, how can his house stand?  Indeed, if the flesh-indulgent took on the laws of flesh-restricted, there would always be strife, two masters against each other.  The house fell, into a worse state the the previous……


Indeed the whole house has fallen, for through Josephus, whom Atwill has shown worked for the Flavians to produce the new testament, the world has been brought to its knees, and even still, only the jews properly handle Sin.

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